State Representative Avery Bourne joined the Citizens Utility Board in hosting a Utility Cost Savings Clinic this week. The informative event was held at the Girard Village Hall and offered individuals assistance in analyzing their telecom, gas, and electric bills to save money. Seated are (l-r) a CUB representative, Rep. Bourne, and attendee-Mr. Gary Bettis of Girard.
Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) has been meeting with Advisory Committees throughout the month of September.  The groups meet twice a year and are comprised of experts and concerned citizens from throughout the district.  Bourne currently has five advisory committees: Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Millennials, and Veterans.  Bourne is also asking for individuals who are interested in being on future committees to contact her office. 

Advisory Committees gather information and opinions about community issues and potential legislative changes.  Additionally, they review and advise Bourne on legislation designed to improve the quality of life within the district. 
Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) and Citizens Utility Board (CUB) are hosting a cost saving clinic on Tuesday, September 27th from 6 to 7pm to help consumers analyze their telecom, gas, and electric bills to save money. The Utility Cost Savings Clinic will take place at Village Hall in Girard, 111 West Madison Street, in the Municipal Building.