Rep. Bourne Reacts To Budget Address

Democrats Need to Join Republicans in Reforming Illinois

Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) was encouraged to hear Governor Rauner renew his commitment to reforming Illinois and negotiating the state budget with legislative leaders. While addressing the Illinois General Assembly, Rauner also called for complete funding of general state aid for public school districts.

Bourne restated her frustration with the budget impasse and added that she has sponsored legislation to make structural reforms and place added pressure on elected officials to come to the bargaining table to produce a balanced budget. 

“Illinoisans have waited eight frustrating months for a budget, this is inexcusable. This year cannot be a  repeat of last year. It is time that Democrats, and their super-majority in the house and senate, work with Republicans to reform government and pass a balanced budget” said Representative Bourne.

Representative Bourne has introduced two pieces of legislation to progress the budgeting process.  House Bill 4399 eliminates legislators’ pay if the Legislature does not pass a balanced budget.  Bourne has also introduced House Bill 1006, which changes the budgeting process in Illinois from a one-year fiscal budget to a two year budget.

“I have two pieces of legislation that can move along the budgeting process.  ‘No budget no pay’ and ‘two-year budgeting.’  If the legislature isn’t doing the job the people sent them to do, then they don’t get paid. Plain and simple” said Bourne.  “Two-year budgeting can change the way school districts, towns and others plan for the future.”