Bourne Responds to State of the State Address

Calls speech an encouraging sign in light of tough budgetary stalemate

Litchfield...Governor Bruce Rauner addressed the General Assembly and Constitutional Officers during the annual State of the State address. State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) had the following remarks after listening to the governor’s speech.

Major cornerstones in the governor’s turnaround agenda include term limits and redistricting reform, ideas Rep. Bourne supports. The governor stated that he looks forward to a vote on term limits this session given that the majority of all Illinois voters, Democrats and Republicans, overwhelmingly support both types of structural reform.

“Since taking office I have advocated for these structural reforms knowing that they can greatly reduce the amount of gridlock and partisanship in Springfield,” said Bourne. “I will continue to fight for these changes and I am pleased to hear the Governor reiterate his commitment to changing the status-quo through this legislation.”

The governor also spoke about education reform stating that a high quality, fully-integrated education system leads to rising family incomes, more high paying jobs, and a higher quality of life.

Representative Bourne said “The public school funding formula has not been updated in twenty years and we have an obligation to ensure that schools across the state, especially in down-state and rural areas, have the resources that they need to educate our children.”