Rep. Bourne Sponsors Resolution Urging No Taxation of Retirement Income

Litchfield, IL…A resolution was recently introduced in the Illinois House urging the legislature not to consider taxing retirement income.  The resolution was co-sponsored by State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) and supported by the AARP. 

The current tax code in the State of Illinois does not tax income for retirees.  A decision to tax retirement income would be detrimental to many retirees who live on fixed incomes.  While retirees do not pay state income tax in Illinois they are still subject to a multitude of other taxes such as federal income tax, property tax and sales tax.

“People who have lived their lives in Illinois and chosen to retire here have already made significant investments in our state and they have done so with the understanding that those contributions, made under the rules as they exist today, would be taken into account when they retire,” said Rep. Bourne.  “Adding to their tax burden is unfair and is a change in the rules at a late point in the game.” She added, “Responsible leadership from elected officials demands responsible and thoughtful tax policy that spends only what is taken in and meets the needs of all Illinoisans and that does not place an undue nor unforeseen burden on our seniors.” 
The resolution, HR890, was introduced December 2nd, 2015 and awaits approval in the House.