Rep. Bourne Proud of Coffeen’s Power Station for Setting Global Standard

Springfield….Representative Avery Bourne is proud to announce that Coffeen’s Power Station, owned by Dynegy Inc., was honored both globally and in the United States for the lowest emissions profile for SO2 worldwide.  The Coffeen plant was awarded an Advanced Energy for Life Clean Coal Award by Peabody Energy for having a SO2 emissions rate that is 99 percent lower than the U.S. coal plant average.

“This award speaks to the future of coal for clean, sustainable energy,” said Rep. Bourne.  “A local plant is demonstrating internationally how coal can best be used.   With Illinois having the largest recoverable bituminous coal reserves in the United States, Illinois’ coal industry will optimistically grow and further benefit our economy.”    
Honors were presented at Power-Gen International and chosen based on the lowest sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions rates as well as the best heat rate.  The heat rate of a power station is a measure of their efficiency, which results in a lower carbon footprint.  Other Honorees included Southeast Power Co. (KOSEP) in South Korea and Trianel Kohlekraftwerk Lünen GmbH & Co KG (Trianel) in Germany. 
The Coffeen Power Station currently employs 130 people and a recent study estimated total economic activity at $389 million.  The power station is by far the biggest property tax contributor in Montgomery County.  They pay around $4 million annually, including over $2.7 million to the Hillsboro School District alone.