Summer Reader's Receive Ice Cream Social

Livingston…State Representative Avery Bourne was joined by local students who completed her summer reading program last Sunday at the Pink Elephant in Livingston.  Students involved in the program were asked to read 8 books over the summer.

Those who completed the reading received an official certificate from the Illinois House of Representatives recognizing their commitment to reading, as well as an invitation to attend a free ice cream social at the Pink Elephant. Rep. Bourne went on to explain how proud she was of the students that participated.

“I’m proud of our students for their hard work,” said Rep. Bourne. “Reading has such a big impact on children’s futures and hopefully this program has helped strengthen their reading skills and broaden their imagination.”

Students that would like to participate in the future should look for forms at their local public library during the end of the school year. Any other questions about the summer reading program can be directed to Rep. Bourne’s office at 217-324-5200