Bourne Legislation Demands Pay for State Employees

Springfield…The State of Illinois has entered the 2016 Fiscal Year with no budget in place. Budget talks up to this point have been in a deadlock and as of Tuesday’s court ruling on People v. Munger, state employees will not be paid without appropriations in place. To ensure that our state employees can pay their bills, Rep. Avery Bourne is supporting legislation that would do just that.

Bourne is a chief co-sponsor to the newly introduced legislation, House Bill 4245, that provides a continuing appropriation for each State agency to meet personnel expenditures for each payroll period during which appropriations for personnel expenditures have not been made available to that State agency. If this new legislation passes, the office of any constitutional officer, state universities, community colleges, and any agency, board, or commission of Illinois state government will receive their paycheck as planned.

As of right now, even without a budget, our state’s lawmakers will be paid because of legislation passed by the Democrat majority in 2014. As budget talks grow stale with no quick solution on the horizon, Rep. Bourne has contacted the comptroller’s office requesting that her paycheck be withheld until the rest of the state’s employees are guaranteed a paycheck.

"The culture in Springfield has favored the political class for too long,” said Rep. Bourne. “The way money is spent in Springfield has to change. While legislators push for an irresponsible out of balance budget for the 12th year in a row, they have made sure last year that they would be paid even if they failed to do their job. This is wrong. While state workers continue to serve the state without the guarantee of a pay check, I will also continue to work on solving the huge issues Illinois faces without receiving a paycheck. I am proud to cosponsor legislation that gives state workers the same guarantee of pay that legislators afforded to themselves in the past."

For more information on the current budget talks taking place in Springfield, please contact Rep. Bourne's office at 217-324-5200.