House Democrats Pass Unbalanced Budget for FY16

Springfield, IL…House Democrats introduced and approved nine budget bills in less than 48 hours with the final days of session coming to a close. The issue is that the proposed budget plan counts on Illinois spending $4 billion more than the state’s estimated revenue for fiscal year 2016.

“I’m disappointed with the budget that was proposed today,” said State Rep. Avery Bourne. “It spends $4.3 billion more than we have available. This kind of runaway spending has caused the mess that we’re in and needs to stop.”

The State of Illinois’ estimated revenue for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) is $32 billion. However, the budget proposed by House and Senate Democrats plans to spend $36 billion. The FY 2016 budget is scheduled to take effect July 1, 2015.
Rep. Bourne added, “Some argue that we need more revenue, while others argue we need to balance the budget through cuts alone. Regardless, we have to budget for the realistic revenue now and promote reform policies for growth in the future. I can’t support a budget which at its core is unbalanced and spends more than what we have in the bank account. Nor can I support placing the burden on the hard working families throughout Illinois. We all deserve better.”

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