Life Goes On - Organ & Tissue Donor Month

It takes just a minute to change a life.  If you are already an Organ or Tissue donor, thank you !   If you don't know, check your Illinois Driver's License or State ID card ---it will show a red State of Illinois with "Donor" displayed if you are an Organ/Tissue Donor. You can sign up online with this link through the Illinois Secretary of State's office.

Representative Avery Bourne is an organ and tissue donor.  Her decision was prompted by a family member who underwent a successful heart transplant.

"I have seen in my family how organ donation saves lives. I am proud to be registered as an organ donor and a bone marrow donor. There are so many people waiting on an organ donation. This is an opportunity to save lives and being an organ donor is something I encourage everyone to think about and discuss with your loved ones."

Illinois continues to be the leader in registering potential donors, but there are still many more people on waiting lists than there are available donors. If you have questions, or would like to sign up over the phone, contact the Organ/Tissue Donor Program at 1-800-210-2106.  Thank you for "Donating a Life"!

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