Bourne Legislation Creates Low Cost Hunting Licenses for Veterans

Rep. Bourne presents HB 3749 on the House floor on Friday. 
Springfield….State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Litchfield) advanced her first bill through the House with unanimous support Friday morning with a measure that seeks to discount veterans lifetime sportsmen's licenses when returning home from service.

"Any measure we can take that makes the lives of our veterans richer, fuller and easier is worthwhile," said Bourne.  "This legislation has the added benefit of cutting down the red tape in the Illinois Department of Natural Resources making this a win-win for both veterans and the State of Illinois."

Specifically, the measure, House Bill 3749, provides that starting with the 2016 license year, veterans will be eligible for a lifetime fishing license, lifetime hunting license, and lifetime sportsmen's combination license for half price upon returning home from service.
The lifetime license would preclude them from reapplying each year absolving the State from processing that paperwork.

“This was a common sense change,” Bourne explained.  “Lifetime licenses for veterans were previously full-price while annual licenses were subject to the discount. This bill not only gives back to veterans, but also cuts back on the administrative process involved in veterans renewing their license annually. I’m proud that my first bill helps our veterans who have done so much to serve us.”
Bourne says she will now focus on gaining support for the measure in the Illinois Senate. To follow

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