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Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) has been meeting with Advisory Committees throughout the month of September.  The groups meet twice a year and are comprised of experts and concerned citizens from throughout the district.  Bourne currently has five advisory committees: Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Millennials, and Veterans.  Bourne is also asking for individuals who are interested in being on future committees to contact her office. 

Advisory Committees gather information and opinions about community issues and potential legislative changes.  Additionally, they review and advise Bourne on legislation designed to improve the quality of life within the district. 

The Veterans Advisory Committee had success during the last legislative session with several bills becoming law and there are more legislative issues they are hoping to see enacted in the future. 
Most recently, the Agriculture Committee discussed transportation needs and the impact of our higher education system on our agriculture industries. 

“The best legislation comes from those who are most closely associated with its impact. Discussing issues with these committees is invaluable to the legislative process,” said Rep. Bourne.  “I enjoy working with them to craft legislation and gain insight into their areas of expertise.”

Rep. Bourne welcomes anyone from the community who would like to share their thoughts or concerns by joining a committee.  All of the advisory boards will meet again in February of 2017.  Individuals who are interested and would like to sign up are asked to contact her district office in Litchfield at 217-324-5200.
Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) and Citizens Utility Board (CUB) are hosting a cost saving clinic on Tuesday, September 27th from 6 to 7pm to help consumers analyze their telecom, gas, and electric bills to save money. The Utility Cost Savings Clinic will take place at Village Hall in Girard, 111 West Madison Street, in the Municipal Building. 

“I am partnering with CUB to bring this cost saving and informative event to the district. For over thirty years, this nonprofit organization has been working statewide to save consumers money and I am excited to have them host an event locally,” said Bourne. She would also like to remind attendees to bring their most recent copy of bills for review.  

Since its inception in 1984, CUB has been working for lower rates and better service from the state's investor-owned electric, gas and telephone companies. They have saved consumers more than $20 billion by blocking rate hikes and winning consumer refunds.

Please RSVP to this event, as seating is limited at this location. Those who want to attend should call Representative Bourne’s District Office at (217) 324-5200.

State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) is announcing new regularly scheduled traveling office hours and extended hours in her Litchfield district office. Bourne encourages any constituents seeking assistance to stop by her traveling office hours on the first Tuesday of each month in Carlinville and the last Tuesday of each month in Taylorville.

Bourne states, “I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces, providing assistance, and answering questions regarding state government. There is no need to schedule an appointment, just stop by.”

Carlinville’s Tuesday traveling office hours will take place from 10am to 1:30pm at City Hall, which is located at 550 North Broad Street. For those constituents who live in the northern part of the district, Taylorville’s Tuesday traveling office hours will be from 10am to 1:30pm at Congressman Rodney Davis’ Office at 108 East Market Street. 

Additionally, Representative Bourne is extending her Litchfield Office’s hours. Every second Tuesday of each month, her district office in Litchfield will be open until 6pm. The address is 301 North Monroe in Litchfield. These extending hours are offered for those individuals who work traditional hours or are unable to stop by during the day.

If these new traveling hours or extended office hours fall on a holiday then they will be rescheduled for the third Tuesday of the month. For more information, Rep. Bourne can be contacted by calling her district office at (217) 324-5200.
State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) is partnering with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office to host a Fraud and Identity Theft Prevention Seminar in Carlinville. The Seminar will take place on Friday, September 16th, from 2 to 3 p.m. at the Macoupin County Farm Bureau, 220 North Broad Street.

“These crimes of identity theft and fraud are too common. There are ways to ensure that you’re not a victim of this type of crime,” said Bourne. She emphasized that some tips are to make sure to set up transaction alerts for your debit and credit cards. Also, always carefully review your statements. “Picking up the pieces and restoring your good name after this type of crime can be a headache. This seminar is a way for people to educate themselves and avoid behaviors that, unknowingly, put them at risk.”

The Fraud and Identity Theft Prevention Seminar will feature a presentation from Berenice Martinez from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Martinez will be discussing the different ways that consumers can safeguard their personal information to prevent identity theft. She will also educate attendees on the most prevalent frauds that are being reported to the Attorney General and offer tips for spotting these types of scams.

Individuals who wish to attend the Seminar are asked to RSVP, as seating is limited. They should call Rep. Bourne’s office at (217) 324-5200 or email to sign up prior to the date of the event.
On Veterans’ Day at the Illinois State Fair, a number of pieces of Veteran's legislation were signed into law by Governor Rauner.  Representative Bourne was a supporter of one new law that will help troubled Veterans get their lives back on track.  This law will require the Chief Judge of every judicial circuit in Illinois to establish a Veterans and Service Member Court program.  This bill was an initiative of the Montgomery County Veterans’ Assistance Commission and brought to Bourne’s attention at her Veteran’s Advisory Board meeting by this local organization.
Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) sponsored legislation to create a Youth Trapping License in an effort to promote trapping statewide.   The bill, SB2410, passed the Illinois House and Senate unanimously and was signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner on Monday.  Effective January 1, 2017, the new law allows residents 18 years old and younger to legally trap in the state.

With this Youth Trapping License, the holder must trap under the close supervision of a parent, grandparent, or guardian who is 21 or older and has a valid Illinois trapping license.  The young person simply applies to the Department of Natural Resources and submits a $7 fee to obtain their license.

“Learning under an experienced trapper will serve as ‘on-the-job training’ for these kids,” said Bourne.  “Evidence shows that if a youth starts hunting or trapping early in their life there is a higher likelihood they will continue to participate as an adult.  This legislation is subsequently promoting the sport for years to come.”
State Representative Avery Bourne(R-Raymond) was joined last week by local students who completed her summer reading program. Students involved in the program were asked to read 8 books during their break from school and return their reading logs to the Representative’s office by the end of the summer.